What’s New and Upcoming

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About two months ago I took my first foray into creating a blogging website. Since that time, I’ve created a couple more websites, including this one, and am excited about what the future holds.

I am utilizing this website to house all of the blog publications, and website information. And, will use this blog to let readers know about upcoming projects across the various websites.

COVID-19 Creativity

As I’ve written on this website’s blog, the brainchild for this website was my older son Justin. We were talking one day about shelter-in-place and about how we expected in future years to see a spike in creativity due to the COVID-19 health crisis, and more specifically, due to the shelter-in-place orders. On this website, I write about whatever is top of mind, and moving, and or inspiring me at the moment. Currently, I am working on a blog post that will explore the sociological ramifications of mindfulness. Typically explored from the psychology perspective, mindfulness also has societal impacts, which I will explore in that post.

A Pathway Forward

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I originally had this website on Wix, and am currently moving it to WordPress, where I’ve now found a home for my other websites. The vision for the A Pathway Forward’s website was a collaboration between my younger son, Jason, and myself. We wanted to create a business model that would utilize my many years of research and practical experience with youth. The website will feature a blog, and will also have options for youth and caretakers to get engaged with coaching and training options for youth. I hope to have the website up and running in the next month.

The 4 Catalysts

About 8 years ago I started writing a fiction book, and it stalled for various reasons. One of the results of the shelter-in-place order, however, has been more time; and, more time has given me the chance to get back in touch with writing, first in the form of fiction writing, and then most recently with blogging. The goal is to get half of The 4 Catalysts novella completed this year, by December, with the books completion coming in 2021. Just about every month since the this websites creation, I’ve added a chapter for reader’s consumption, and will continue to do so. I will have a new chapter posted sometime this month.

Servant Leadership Coaching

Riccardo Annandale

I’ve been working in leadership off and on for most of my life, and have recently decided to foray into the personal and professional coaching business. Servant Leadership Coaching has a couple of different plans to choose from, and free 30-minute consultations for everyone. The website also has a blog, which will mainly focus on leadership development. I am currently working on a products page, which will include practical leadership tools for life and work. The products page will be complete in the next month.

Catalyst Publishing

As I’ve mentioned, this website will house all of my website’s blogs and some other publications, and will be updated regularly. I will not blog as often on this website, however, the website does contain RSS feeds from my other websites. I due plan to blog about updates and new and upcoming information across the websites at least once a month.

I do appreciate you stopping by. Keep an eye out for new content, engagement opportunities, and much more!

Published by Jeff Flesch

Interests include personal, professional, and transformational development, increasing access to higher education, and realizing equity for all.

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